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Prof. Dr. Deepak Rao
7th Degree Black Belt
Training Specialist: CQB

DSc (Doctorate, Military Sc) (USA)
CLET (Certified LE Trg, USA)
PhD, (Alternative Med)

Founder of:
Advanced Commando Combat System {ACCS}
Military Martial Art & Close Combat System

About Art of ACCS:
ACCS was founded in 2004 by experience of training 15,000 personnel from Indian Forces from 1994-2004.
ACCS is a soldiers combat art based on principles of Bruce Lees Jeet Kune Do, Sun Tzus Art of War & Close Quarter Battle applications.
ACCS was imparted to almost every elite Spec Op force in India by Dr. Deepak Rao & Dr. Seema Rao (Co-founder) by invitation.
In 2001, Dr. Rao received official Appreciation from the Indian Army Chief for his research & work in modernization of Close Quarter Battle & Combat training.

Service to the Nation:
The Rao couple worked in training 15,000 personnel from the forces over 12 years without any compensation as a service to the Nation. For this, They were felicitated 150 times & received 300 letters of allreciation & endorsements for their work.

The Rao couple are authors of the popular book: "Terrorism: A Comprehensive Analysis of World Terrorism" (APH, New Delhi. 2003)

The Unarmed Commando Combat Academy is the only academy teaching ACCS; exclusively to govt forces of India. Few civilians are trained in Self Defense applications after extensive security screening.

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