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SiJo Frank Monsalve
Founder / Head InstructorHurricane Combat Arts Academy, USA.
Born: Feb, 1961.
Founding date of Hurricane Combat Arts: Feb, 1993.
Background: Over 35 years in the Martial Arts. Began training in Jan. 1971, Choy Li Fut Gung Fu under Master Moc Kan Sent, Miami, Fla. Currently works as Executive Security Consultant in Las Vegas, Nevada. Founder World Combat Martial Artists Assoc. World Martial Arts Hall of Fame recipient.
Martial Arts Studied: Wing Chun & Hung Ga Kuen - Muay Thai - JKD - Pentjak Silat Serak - Russian & American Military Combatives - American Taiho-Jitsu.
Ranks: Head Instructor/Founder Hurricane Combat Arts, Sifu Wing Chun & Hung Ga Kuen, Pembantu Instructor-NV State Director VDT Academy Pentjak Silat Serak / 5th Degree Black Belt American Taiho-Jitsu.

Picture and information from Sijo Monsalve.

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