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Insure a mortgage when investing in a garage

Insure a mortgage when investing in a garage

If you want to invest in real estate but do not have a budget to buy a house or apartment, you can try an investment in a garage!

The main advantages of an investment in a garage

  • A less risky investment
  • An entry ticket more affordable than for the purchase of a home
  • A garage generally offers a better profitability than an apartment
  • The conditions are less strict than for a rental housing
  • The simplicity of rental management
  • Little risk of damage
  • The opportunity to save on your car insurance

Delegate your insurance loan purchase garage

Delegate your insurance loan purchase garage

Investing in a garage is primarily about profitability.

You do not have to take out the loan insurance presented to you by the lending bank: you can freely choose your loan insurance policy from the insurer of your choice. This allows you to save on the cost of your insurance and therefore on the overall cost of your garage purchase credit!

Make your garage purchase loan with the individual insurance of your choice!

Broker’s Tips Insurance Loan not expensive to invest in a garage


In large cities, garages or parking spaces are hugely sought after. In addition, investing in a garage is much more affordable than buying a studio and generally requires little work. And be aware that a garage offers more security for the parked vehicle than a parking space in the open air. It is therefore a property popular with city dwellers.

The location of your garage is essential to its profitability. For it to be quickly rented, you must prefer a sector where parking is difficult. Town centers in big cities are therefore particularly important. Finally, be aware that a garage is subject to the housing tax only if it depends on your home (within a radius of 1km).

Realize savings on your immo garage loan by delegating your loan insurance with the independent specialist in insurance borrower untied!

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